Friday, June 1, 2012

Meet Huero

1. Huero - What many consider to be the proper spelling of  Guero, a Spanish slang term for light-skinned Mexican or Whiteboy. source

aka the cutest boy around:

aka the best snuggler:

AKA the most handsome Cowboys fan:

aka the new love of my life:

Meet the new member of our little family, Huero (pronounced "Wero", roll the 'r'.)

Raymond and I have actually been searching for a puppy for years. We go back and fourth debating what kind to get, when, should we adopt, etc. In the end, we always decided to just wait until we got a house.

Last weekend we were out having drinks and ran into a girlfriend of mine. Her boyfriend just so happened to have bread a pack o' puppies and had a few left. Little man up there was actually purchased from a different family, but returned and exchanged for one of his siblings, because he is deaf. Yep, we knowingly took in a deaf dog! I personally felt like this was an opportunity that we just could not pass up.

A lot of people probably think we're stupid or made a bad purchase, or can't even believe that we paid for him. But let me tell you, if your heart doesn't ache knowing that somebody doesn't want an animal because of his hearing... then you don't deserve to have that animal in the first place. Would you want to trade in your baby because he/she is deaf? No, (at least I would hope not!) so why wouldn't you love a dog the same?

After spending a few hours with him on Memorial day, we officially decided to take the plunge and make him ours, and I have never been happier about a decision I've made! Huero is so handsome, full of life, and the best snuggler that my heart aches just imagining giving him back. While he is still a puppy and is learning, I can tell he is going to be one of the greatest companions we've ever had.

And yes, I have already become one of those people that take and post a million pictures of their fur baby on Facebook! I just can't help myself!

(For those curious, he is an American Bulldog from champion bloodlines, and is going end up weighing almost as much as me!)


Kate - Classy Living said...

He;s adorable! Are you going to teach him signs so you can communicate?

Katie said...

he is SOOO cute!! I love puppies!!

Brooke Houston said...

Wow, what a sweet story! That's a really precious puppy you got there. You have such a big heart for taking the hearing impaired pup! :) btw I love big dogs, you picked a good one!