Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Don't Be Yourself

With the New Year quickly approaching (seriously, where did 2011 go?), I figured it's time I start thinking about all of the resolutions that I will break within .257 minutes of the clock striking 12. Hey, at least I can say I tried, right?

I feel like every year I make a list of crap that I know I'll never do. I write things down that I know I won't ever want to do, just for the sake of feeling like I'm changing myself for the better. Well, not this year. I am who I am and my low standards of myself aren't gonna change, dangit! With that being said, here is my amazing list:

- SAVE money
- Pay off every cent of debt
- Make enough dough in my skin care business to support myself
- Stop cursing & speak more like a lady
- Go on a vacation (like a real one, with planes and stuff)
- Run more, maybe possibly even a race?

I think that's it? For now, at least. The first 3 are really more of a "has to happen" sort of thing, since the boys will be going to school in August. So yeah, there goes my income. No biggie, I'll just have my sugar daddy Raymond support me.

What are your New Year's Resolutions??

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