Saturday, December 17, 2011

All the other kids...

...with the pumped up kicks, better run, better run..

Okay, sorry. I absolutely loathe that song but ever since I bought new running shoes this afternoon, I can't stop singing it. Ugh.

For the last 6 months I have been on a major excersize kick and find myself waking up at 6:30am M-F to head to the gym. I got sick about a month ago and decided it would be in my best interest to take a few days off. Well, those few days turned into the entire week. That week then turned into only going 2 times a week. And last week, I didn't go a single day. I lost my motivation somewhere and am searching rather profusely to find it.

I've been a mad woman when it comes to searching the web (aka pinterest) to find some new workouts. If anybody has any awesome workouts, please share!

I also think I found a little motivation when I bought my new shoes today. In the past year I've become totally frugal and find it really hard to spend money on myself, even when I really need something. Luckily, Raymond I won a $50 gift card to Academy last weekend and knew exactly what it was going towards. I think when the rubber starts peeling from the bottom of the shoe, it's time to give in and get new ones.

Pretty spiffy, eh? I love Nike and have been eyeing these light-weight tennies for quite some time now. They weigh a few grams, are SO comfortable, and not to mention... they are PURPLE! I'm in love. They were originally $90, on sale for $80, and I had the gift card. Once everything was said and done, with tax I ended up paying $36 and change. I'll take that deal any day of the week! And to be honest, I'm really excited to get my toosh into the gym on Monday morning.

Moral of the story, when you're lacking motivation, go buy yourself something! Just kidding. Kind of.

Have any great workouts??

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