Monday, August 6, 2012

Random Recap

My weekend was completely random and almost completely boring thanks to being unable to move around too much...

Raymond went out Sunday morning to pick up breakfast and brought back tacos... and an extra one just for Guero. I cannot get over how spoiled rotten he is!

Big head, Sitting on daddy's lap, Nap time

Being forced to sit still and move with caution really makes me realize how much just walking to the car can do for a person. I Cannot wait to heal and get back to our usual weekend water volleyball games and working out. I'm weighing the options of canceling my gym membership. I really want to get into running (seriously) again and I don't feel like I can do it on a treadmill. I want to invest in some DVDs such as Brazilian butt lift and some yoga videos.

Taking care of mama while daddy works

I ended up making a sprinkle cake for our friends' going away party the other week. It actually turned out pretty cute but my crappy cell phone picture just doesn't do it justice. I will say that the entire thing got wolfed down before the other gourmet cake that was there. Homemade for the win!

Here in Austin there are a few bridges that are known for housing bats. A lot of people will go stand on/under the bridges and wait for them to fly out. There are so so many bats all at once and it really is a pretty neat thing to see.We went to dinner with some friends on Friday evening where we sat outside on the patio. The restaurant is close to one of the bridges (old McNeil and I35 for you locals) and we just so happened to catch all of the bats. I just wanted a picture and wasn't expecting anything good because it was on my cell phone, but I ended up with this really amazing picture of R throwing up the Horns.

Obviously I've been having to take pictures with my cell phone and it's because my digital just blows these days, and am in the market for a new one. I don't want anything big and fancy but something that will still take quality pictures without breaking the bank. I would love any recommendations!

Saturday night I was actually able to get out of the house again for a few hours and it was to wish my BFF a happy birthday. She's an old lady now (29) so I had to make sure I could be at her party in support of her last year as a 20-something. Happy birthday again, Val! Love you, ya old hag! ;)

PS My aunt is having foot surgery today, so any prayers and well wishes sent her way would be greatly appreciated!


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