Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Am The Girl [Edition 2]

Last month I wrote am I Am The Girl post to give y'all a little more insight as to who I am-- you can view that post here. I've been thinking that it would be a good idea to keep the posts going every so often so that new [and old] readers can continue to learn new things about the author behind this ol' blog!

I Am The Girl That...

is newly addicted to Sex and The City
dwells too much on what others around me are doing
has finally decided to make things happen for myself
has the most handsome puppy around
may be just a little biased
doesn't pamper myself enough
is starving for the Lord
and has officially joined my first small group
loves meeting new friends
doesn't see enough live music
is ready for the fall weather to finally be here [and stay for a while]
will wear Christmas pajamas year round
needs good book recommendations
found my dream engagement ring [it's only $14k]
is learning to find the positive in everything
can't wait to move into a house and out of an apartment
wants to make Christmas cards with my boyfriend and puppy this year
is ready for Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas parties
needs a real vacation [seriously, I haven't had one since 2007]
laughs at all of my own jokes because they really are hysterical
while other people just laugh at me
has some of the best friends ever

& as usual

I am the girl that is still so thankful that you're here reading this blog & appreciate all of the kind words you all leave me on a daily basis!

Now it's your turn! What kind of girl [or guy] are you??

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Nikki said...

I LOVE this! I am have to steal this idea!