Monday, October 22, 2012


... for the Lord that is.

With life so crazy lately, I haven't found enough time to spend with God. Not time to do anything out of the ordinary, just time to talk to him. [Reading back over this-- what an awful excuse that is. What I should have said is that I haven't made the time.]

We all do it. Life gets busy, hectic, and stressful and we become way too busy worrying about what we're going to do about situation this or that. When all we really need to do is just let it go. A few weeks ago I met with a small group of ladies that I am going to be joining consistently for a book study. One of the girls mentioned [that girl is Ruthie... yes of The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart, and yes, I know her in real life] something that keeps surfacing to the front of my mind. She said something along the lines of "...take that list of difficulties, frustrations, etc., crumple it up, and give it to God." How true is that? When you can't handle anymore, He is there to take over!

Like I said before, my life lately has been all of the above. Today I sit here writing this post and can't help but notice that I am starving, craving, and begging for the Lord to come into my life. I wish I could sit peacefully in my room all day, just talking to him.

Unfortunately we have bills to pay, work to be done, and a home to clean. Fortunately beginning in November, our small group will be reading and discussing Esther- It's Tough Being a Woman by Beth Moore.

Esther: It's Tough Being a Woman by Beth Moore provides a personal study experience five days a week plus viewer guides for the group video sessions of this in-depth women's Bible study of Esther - a profile in courage. Join Beth in a very personal examination of this great story of threat and deliverance as she peels back the layers of history and shows how very contemporary and applicable the story of Esther is to our lives today. If you've ever felt inadequate, threatened, or pushed into situations that seemed overpowering, this is the Bible study for you. Just as it was tough being a woman in Esther's day, it's tough today. This portion of God's Word contains treasures to aid us in our hurried, harried, and pressured lives.

I'm not sure what this book has in store for me. I don't know that it is exactly what my life is craving right now. I do have faith that it will speak to me, and am praying that it moves me the way it has others. Whatever it may be that it does to me, I know my life will only be brightened by studying the words of God and I am so excited to start this journey with and learn from some amazing God-fearing women!


Ruthie Hart said...

keep following that desire Sam...feed your heart to quench your thirst! I am so excited to watch you grow in Ester. Love you!

Brooke Houston said...

Sam! I can't wait to start this journey with you. I feel like we both have a lot of growing to do and I'm so glad we have each other for encouragement throughout this study. We've got strong woman that will help guide us. I'm excited!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing post - continue to follow your heart - it is heading down a beautiful path! Becky