Monday, October 8, 2012

Who Cares

Happy Monday, friends! Most of the time Mondays are something we all dread, but I am in a chipper mood simply for the fact that I am spending the entire day (11 hours!) with these guys:

Sure, it has only been a week since I've seen them, but boy did I miss them!


A few weeks ago, Julie posted a link on Twitter stating 32 Things We Should Stop Caring About and after reading the list, I couldn't agree with it more. Below are a couple of the things that I am going to be working on to stop caring about, and my thoughts in bold. In the end, all that matters is the family and friends we hold dear and nothing else! (You can View the entire list here.)

What the people you don't like post on their Facebook status (why are you even still friends with them?)  There are a few "grown" women on my Facebook that I don't even talk to, or know through somebody else and they post the most annoying and immature things that get on my nerves, but I can never remember to just delete them!

The opinions of people who a) will never like you and b) have absolutely no bearing on your life. This is why we have our own friends and family. Not everyone is going to like ya.

Whether or not you look as good as some random, well-dressed stranger on the subway. God made us all different for a reason.

Whether people you know are getting married, having children, or making big life changes when it either hasn't happened to you yet or you don't want it to happen at all. This is probably my biggest worry. Everyone around me is getting married/buying houses/having babies and I'm not. Commence complex.

Hitting your life milestones at the "right" moments. This goes with the above. I need to remember that I am only 23 and my time will come, too.

The fact that friends are going to make harmless decisions that we wouldn't necessarily make for ourselves. (They are there for your love and companionship, not another parent.) I am an extremely matronly person and just want the best for everyone. Well, the best for me isn't what's best for all of us.


And these two are a few I don't really care about but thought were just too funny to not share:

When someone looks at the food you're eating and comments on how it isn't good for you. (That is why I ordered chili fries, bitch pass me the ranch dressing). Mmm... chili fries!

Trying to convince your friends/acquaintances to start watching Breaking Bad. If they're not going to do it, it's their loss, dude. This series has been recommended to me numerous times. Maybe I should really start watching it?

Do any of the items in the list make you worry??

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