Friday, March 2, 2012

Girls Love It, Guys Hate It

The other day I was reading an article about beauty mistakes that turn men off. While the article states that these are mistakes, I'm pretty sure most women do these things on purpose. I will be one of the first people to tell you that I truly believe that women dress to impress other women. Sure they want their man to think they look great, but what they really want is to make others jealous. Now of course, not everyone is like this, and maybe you don't even know you're doing it? But just ask yourself, how many times have you envied another woman's outfit/hair/body/etc. I can name about 427 million times for me.

Now that I am in an established relationship, I definitely feel myself becoming more interested in the way my man views me rather than anyone else. Sure, I used to be worried about looking good for others out there, and there is still part of me that doesn't want to look like a trash bag, but for the most part, I want Raymond to think I've still got it. Keep the fire alive, people!

As I was reading this list of so-called mistakes that we as women do, I wasn't shocked at all. But I was somewhat relieved that I don't do many of them. In fact, only one to be exact!

  • Fragrance Overload - I totally understand this one. There are women in the gym every morning that seem like they pour a bottle of the stuff over their heads sometimes. I just don't get it. What is attractive about making someone unable to breathe? Sure, you don't smell bad, but you can't be smelled at all because you're making people hold their breaths around you. I personally haven't worn perfume in over a year. I ran out of my favorite and just haven't bought anymore. I think men's cologne smells better than any women's fragrance out there, so every now and then I will use a spritz of R's. He's not a fan of me doing that. Sorry, babe!
  • Caked on Foundation - I have always been someone that uses foundation. While my skin isn't awful and I only get the occasion pimple(s) around my lady time each month, I was blessed with my families un-even skin tone. It's nothing crazy and awful to look at, but I guess I am own worst critic (as we all are), and insist that I need foundation. I typically don't wear any makeup during the week, because nobody really sees me, but once the weekend hits, I wear one layer of Cover Girl. And to be honest with you, I don't even know what type it is, because that's how often I wear it.

  • Overdone Eyelashes - This is one I have never been able to wrap my head around. Maybe it's because I have naturally long eyelashes? Either way, fake eyelashes don't ever look real. No matter what you do to them, they look fake. I think they should definitely be saved for Halloween and other dress-up events of the sort. I also can't stand the mascara commericals that promise they aren't using fake lashes, and that their product is really giving stars those lashes. Get real! Pretty sure I have seen those stars in other shows/movies and they look nothing like that! Besides, if you're eyelashes are fake, there is bound to be something else fake, right? Or maybe I'm just a mean B.

  • Dry Skin - Okay, this one is HARD to deal with, am I right? My skin type would definitely be classified as normal to dry. I know a lot of people complain about oily skin, but the opposite end of the spectrum isn't all rainbows and unicorns, either. I definitely have to make sure I moisturize daily if I want nice skin, and still some times it's not the best. If I'm wearing pants that day, you can forget about it! I'll definitely share my skin care routine with you guys some time, because I have a great facial system that keeps me looking so fresh 'n' so clean, clean.
  • A Sloppy Shave - Ding ding ding! This is the one I am guilty of, sometimes. I get my workouts in during the morning hours, so that's also when I shower. I wish I could be one of those people that only needs to shave every 4 days but unfortunately, I shave in the morning and by night, I've got pokies. Not bad, but enough to be annoying. Also because I shower in the mornings, I'm typically in a hurry so I don't get the best shave I probably could. Meh, whatever. There are bigger fish to fry than this one!
  • Yellow Teeth - This one goes without saying. I mean really, is there anybody out there that actually likes dark teeth? If there is, I don't want to know them.
  • Sticky Lipgloss - Again, I don't even wear the stuff because not even I can stand the stickiness of it. I am definitely a Carmex, Burt's Bees kind of gal. Ladies, your man should not have to wipe his lips of sparkles and glitter after he smooches you.
  • Orangy Self-Tanner - It's not a secret that I am as white as they come. I mean really, my mom is from Nebraska and my dad, from London. White girl in the house! I don't tan easily and when I do, I get to a shade and just stay there. Of course I wish I had beautiful olive skin but instead, I'm ashen. There are worse problems than this, of course. I don't fake tan and have used Jergens stuff once. My knees and palms were the beautiful shade of our TX Longhorns jerseys. PS that was in 6th grade so I give myself a pass on that one. Nothing says sexy like Oompa Loompa.

  • Stiff Hair - I can't do anything with my hair other than throw it in a clip or leave it down to strangle myself, so I typically don't do anything to it. Natural-ness to me is a touch wavy and scraggly. I got a compliment on it the other day shortly I had just rolled out of bed and brushed it, so I guess it can't be too bad. The only product I ever use besides shampoo and conditioner (daily), is hair spray if I curl it, which hasn't been in about 6 months, and it is never enough to where I can't run my fingers through it.
  • Smokey Eye Overload - I don't even know how to do the smokey eye look, let alone put on any eyeshadow, so I'm definitely out on this one. I wish I knew how to do a suttle look, but I would probably never use it anyway. I do think that if you do it correctly, it can look super pretty!
  • Bold Lipstick - Okay, maybe I am guilty of two of these. I love the red-lip look on some people. Unfortunately, Raymond hates it. I have done it twice and both times he said he was not a fan. I can see how it can look a little to over-done, but I guess my girly side has to come out every now and then!
  • Hair Add-Ins - From the moment I saw the whole feather craze, I was not a fan. Raymond had no idea what I was talking about and the next day he came home and said he tons of girls with them in their hair. I am just not a fan of hair accessories in general. The headbands with huge flowers and stuff... they just seem better suited for little girls, as in 12 and under. And that's not the look I'm going for these days. Also, ix-nay on the whole headband across the forehead thing... I bet that leaves a nice and sexy tan line!
  • Neon, Dark, and Patterned Manicures - Again, I don't really do anything to my nails. The toes are usually always a shade of pink or red, and the nails are plain. If there is a special occasion, I might paint them red or a nude shimmer. Nothing special here.

So there ya have it. Am I totally boring because I don't do anything to myself or am I smart because I'm free of most of these mistakes? I suppose it's up for interpretation!

Are you guilty of any of these things? What else do you think women do that men hate?


kay said...

OMG those pictures you used, are still cracking me up!! Especially the nutella one! That'll keep me laughing for dayyyyyyyyys.

new follower!
xo kay

my mini bag said...

I love reading articles like this one. Great pictures.

I am a new follower. Found you through Follow Friday.

20 Going on 80 said...

Hahaha the visuals, oh the visuals. So very great. A lot of guys think that wearing make up all together is a waste. Which I guess (kinda) makes sense. But I'm not going to go to work looking like I just rolled out of bed...Haha.