Friday, March 9, 2012

Random Friday

Well, guys and gals. I really have nothing of great importance to discuss today... since I usually have such important stuff to talk to you all about.
  • We're supposed to have a softball tournament this weekend, which would be my first time to actually play in a game. The stakes are extremely high, so I've been nervous all week about it. When I say high, I mean each member of the winning team gets a free case of beer high. That's the best prize anyone can win around these parts. Add a free turkey leg or a hot dog and you've got yourself the damn party of the century! Unfortunately, it looks like the amazing weather we've been having has been put on hold for 50 degree, windy, and stormy crap, so the fun weekend planned will have to wait.
  • Since the rain is halting our plans, we're probably going to head to Brownwood to visit with his family. I'm pretty excited to get away for a while and relax with some awesome people!

  • Even though my knee and ankle have been hurting, I decided to try running again today and had no problems. WTH joints! Pick a side and stick to it! Preferably the non-hurting side, please. Whatever, I was able to get my workout for boot camp in, so I'm fine with it.
  • Our lease with our apartment is up in about 2 months and we are finally going to move into a house! Not sure where yet, but I really don't care at this point as long as it's not in the ghetto where the prostitutes roam. We've thought about buying, but the timing is just not right for us right now. I don't really care, I am just ready for more space... and I cannot wait to spend all of our money on new crap!!!!! (sorry, babe. It's happening.)

Whatchu got goin' on this weekend?

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lushdeez said...

Yay for getting away! Everyone, at least I do, NEED that every so often or we'll go insane! Good luck with the running again fitness truly is important for health and sanity! Have a great weekend!