Monday, January 9, 2012

Like a Tumbleweed

Over the weekend my business had a booth at the Bridal Extravaganza held here in town at the Palmer Events Center.

If you have ever been to the events center, then you know it's connected to a parking garage, like most buildings downtown are. I was getting all of my things together that I needed to take inside with me. Those things consisted of my purse, clipboard, tumbler of water, large bag holding my skin care products, binder, spiral, etc., and another small container that had pens, sticky notes, my phone and keys. Needless to say, I had no free hands, let alone arms to spare! Let's not forget I was dressed to impress. Curled hair, heels, skirt, nice shirt.

I parked on the second floor of the garage, and when I saw numerous people piling into the elevator, I said to myself, "Psh, I'm taking the stairs. Yeah, I've got a lot of stuff to carry too, but why not loose a couple calories while I'm a young, capable woman." So passed the elevator I walked, and prepared myself to walk down 3 flights of concrete steps.

The stairs here had non-slip strips on each one, that way, when it rains, you don't fall on your booty.

One thing about those little non-slip strips, heels can get stuck in them. And that's exactly what mine did. And down 7-8 steps I went. Like a graceful tumbleweed blowing in the wind. Not.

More like this:

My stuff went flying, my phone all the way down to the ground below me (it didn't break!), and my markers, keys, and everything else all over the place. Tons o' fun, let me tell ya.

Luckily, no one was around and I didn't break any bones or hit my face. I'm a bit bruised up on my left thigh, right ankle, and right shoulder. Other than having a bit of trouble lifting my right arm to get dressed, wash my hair, etc., I'm okay.

Moral of this story, no matter how lazy you look, always always take the elevator.

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