Monday, January 16, 2012

Mexican Pointy Boots

A while back, Raymond introduced me to what all the rage is these days in Mexico. If you havent already seen this, you guys and gals are in for quite a treat! See for yourself.

I really love the one of the guy using over-sized candy canes to make fun of all these dbags! So awesome. I can't imagine how this hasn't caught on here in the US yet?? Isn't this insane?! And how awkward it must be to try to walk in a pair of those bad boys. How embarrassing. I just don't get it, or how in the world something so stupid caught on like it has!

If this hasn't satisfied your fix, you can check out the light-up and logo pointy boots here.

What fashion fad do you think is just redicilous or just not your style?

I don't get the headband around the forehead thing. Maybe if you're going for a hippie look, but I still don't think it's my taste. Spare me the big mark across my forehead, please!

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