Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year Shenannigans

Knowing that I would be a useless mess on Sunday, I spent Saturday cleaning the house, doing endless laundry, grocery shopping, etc. So glad I did.

We started the evening off by dropping by one of my besties, Val's, house. Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures but the get together was complete with food, games and drinks.

My contribution to the food was cake balls. (I will do a complete post on how I make these.)

Raymond and I had about 8 places we wanted to go for the night, but definitely didn't want to be driving around. So we chose two, and called it night. After Val's, we headed over to a great bar called Sherlocks. They usually always have some type of band (mostly cover) and this night was no different. How much more fun can you have bringing in the NY with good friends, good drinks, and an 80's cover band all wearing ADIDAS jump suits? Not much!

I wore this blue sequin skirt that I absolutely love and it is so comfortable!

My only complaint about my outfit, is that I noticed through out the night that my arms were stinging. I looked down and seriously, I looked like I got attacked by a cat! My arms and booty-cheeks look really lovely with pink scratches all over them! Attractive, I know.

The night ended with about an hour spent at a friends house before I was ready to head home. Raymond and I completed the night with a frozen Totino's pizza (the best ever) and kool-aid. Hey, we have 2012 to be healthy, right?!

Hope you all had a fantastic NY with the ones you hold dear!

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