Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Twin's 2nd Birthday Party

November 11, 2011. My little buttheads turned 2! I can't believe that they are so stinkin' huge, and it makes my heart sad knowing that one day, they will be bigger than me... their beloved "SamSam".

Because they are so close to me, it's a given that I will forever make a huge stink about their birthday, and will always make sure they have the most fantastic party to go along with it.

Last year we through an amazing Panda Extravaganza. This year's theme? Well, none other than a Monster Bash!

Milo & Finn's 2 Year Monster Bash

No monster bash is complete withouth shirts and feet!

Monster feet trailed from the front porch onto the inside walls.

Silverware/Napkin Holders

Everything (including the cupcakes and fruit monster) was hand-made. And yes, it took a million years to cut out over 400 polka dots to glue onto monster feet.

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