Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Today, we're cookin' with butter, y'all!

Sweet ol' Paula Deen has Type 2 Diabetes. Shocker, right??

This morning as I was getting ready for work in the gym locker room while I was watching GMA. The guest was Paula Deen. By absolutely no means do I think it's funny or am satisfied that she's been diagnosed with such a crappy disease. Seriously, diabetes is not a joking matter and takes lives all the time.

In 2011 alone, 1.9 million people aged 20 and over, were diagnosed, bringing the grand total to 18.8 people ever diagnosed. You can view more stats here.

Now what really gets my butter churnin' (pun intended), is that PD was diagnosed 3 years ago. She wanted to keep her condition private because she "had to figure things out in my own head...I had nothing to give with my fellow friends out there."

Give me a break, woman! Okay, I get it... you're struggling to figure out what the next step in life is and how you're going to handle it. Let me help you out, DON'T continue to endorse eating the WORST foods possible. Don't tell people to use 8 sticks (exaggeration) of butter in a lasagna. It's ridiculous!

And yes, I know, butter is not the only thing that causes diabetes. I just feel like people that are put in the spot light should know that they are being watched by millions of people. Don't they want to help people, or is everything just about making a buck these days?

It frustrates me beyond belief that now she is saying I've always said "in moderation". "Honey, I'm your cook, not your doctor... you are going to have to be responsible for yourself." No, YOU listen honey, I'm pretty sure she didn't develop this disease by eating moderatly and these meals being only 30 out of 365 that she eats. She needs to get over herself, stop back peddling and just own up to it. Yep, you eat like crap, you're gonna look and feel like crap. She should use her fame and new-found disease to change the way people eat and prepare their meals. Duh.

While she is right that everyone is responsible for their own self, she needs to realize that includes HER too. Basically, she wants everyone to feel sorry for her for being unhealthy, but she still wants to make millions off of her unhealthy recipes. Get ovah yourself, lady!

I thought her wake-up call would have been being smacked in the face with a turkey. Guess not.

Okay, rant over with.

What do you think about PD's disease news?

Disclaimer: I am not a dietitian or nutritionist, these thoughts and opinions are my own. Also, this post is in no way meant to be personal, and is strictly good-hearted, and meant to be helpful.

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Ruthie Hart said...

Gah not a surprise at all, we knew that was comin!