Friday, February 10, 2012

Birthday Recap

Woo-hoo it's Friday! I could not be more thrilled about it!

Birthday Recap

As I mentioned yesterday, it was my 23rd birthday. I know, I'm turning into hag material. Kidding, I still feel like I'm 21. I feel like when I hit 25, I will finally feel different, but that's what I've thought all these other years, so I suppose we will just have to wait and see!

Yesterday started off with work (luckily I love my job), where I was greeted with 2 little stinky babies 2 year olds telling me "Happy Birfday Party SamSam!" Well, it was more like one of them said it and the other one yelled "birthday!" and ran off. Either way, it was probably the cutest thing I have ever seen and will melt my heart forever. Can't wait 'til I can torture them with it when they are teenagers!

I also walked in to see this on my "things to do" board:

Best way to start the work day, ever!

After work my sugar took me to dinner at the ol' Red Lobster! I actually have been a little bit turned off from the place ever since I had a $15 dollar plate of pasta that was not good at all, but I had been seeing commericals for a "4-course" dinner option and everything looked really good. Something sparked a craving in me, so that's where we headed! I didn't end up getting the 4-course thing, but my food was actually really good and I could hardly finish any of it. We've got leftovers for days, though! I didn't snap any photos because 1) I'm sure you all know what fried fish and shrimp look like and 2) I totally forgot. Please forgive me.

Although I was 100 percent stuffed to the brim and felt like I was about to explode, I insisted that I needed frozen yogurt. Well, there wasn't a shop near us, but there was a Maggie Moo's Ice Cream. I figured Raymond would be sharing with me, so we got a large cup of Thin Mint (tasted like mint chocolate chip and was totally lacking the actual cookies), Red Velvet Cake (my favorite flavor of cake but tasted way too strong and sweet), and Mexican Vanilla (the best of the three, but not nearly as good as Amy's). Raymond took one bite of each flavor and said he didn't want anymore, so I was left with a huge cup of not-worth-it frozen sugar. Not to mention it was $7. SEVEN dollars. Pretty much the whole thing went into the trash can.

In the end, my day was perfectly mellow and normal, it was just what I wanted. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday through the blog, email, text, or Facebook! You all made me feel extra special and I love you all for it!


TV's Take said...

Happy Birthday! Now following you from the blog hop. Have a great weekend

Ruthie Hart said...

looks like a blast girl!!! hey us ladies are lucky we are dating old men, we will always feel young!

Crunchy Creamy Sweet said...

Happy Birthday, Samantha! Sounds like you had a blast!