Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ode To Myself

Welp, today is the day. 23 years ago my parents blessed this here earth with my amazing soul. Just kidding, I'm sure there are plenty of people that can't wait 'til I'm outta here! But either way, today is in fact my birthday and so far, it has been great (and YES I am even at work)! So just for your pleasure, I thought I'd bless you with a small montage of my face throughout the years.You're welcome.

Head Bitch
Side Note: I seriously was a hot mess for a 2 year old. WTH is wrong with me? ^^^


Sophomore Year
Prom 2006

Since I have turned 20, every birthday has pretty much felt the same. Like it's just another day in the life. I look back and think I've had a great life, and although I may act a fool some times... Case in point:

Age 19

Age 21

I spend my days taking care of incredible little boys, that are already more than half my height...

Halloween 2011

...and my evenings trying to become a better woman for him...

ACL 2011

...and every moment in between trying to become a better daughter, niece, cousin, sister, grandchild, and friend to all of you!

These days

I hope that I'm blessed with AT LEAST 23 more years (God, please don't screw me over) and that I get to spend it making a million more memories with the ones I love! After all, these first 23 years would be nothing without them!
**end sappy post now**

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ashlee nicole said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!! Adorable pictures! Ha, want to see a hot mess?! I'll post my childhood pics on my blog soon and then you can see a hot mess! LOL :-)