Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Randoms

TGIF! So happy that another weekend is here.

  • I am especially excited for this weekend because tomorrow is Raymond's birthday. We're not doing anything special or out of the ordinary... but a legit reason to celebrate is always fun! I've thought a million times about how I can surprise him with something (as I usually do), but have come up empty handed and think I am going to stick to my promise of keeping it low-key. So boring.

  • I didn't get my ears pierced until I was 13 years old. My mom wouldn't let me do it until I was old enough to make the decision on my own that this was something I was going to want for the rest of my life. I know, I know, they are just ears. At the time I thought it was such a lame thing and I remember begging to get them pierced a few times, but in the end it wasn't really a big deal. In the end, I am glad she made me wait, and I will probably do the same thing with my kiddos. Big, dangle, long, and pretty much anything other than a stud hurts my ears and just annoys me, so 99% of the time I don't even wear earings. Well, I saw this picture (on Pinterest of course) and cannot stop thinking about getting it done. I love everything about it and am going to make it happen!

  • Lately while browsing around, I find myself continually falling in love with the same style and color. Soft pinks and flowers. If anyone want's to buy me any of these things (upcoming birthday *cough*) feel free. I wouldn't be opposed to it.

  • Ok, I know, I keep talking to you guys about Chobani (and no, they're not paying me). Sorry, but I just can't get over how awesome they are! Not just the yogurt, but the customer service! I sent an email to the woman (hey, Lindsay!) that sent me the yogurt just to let her know that one of the cups was less than half full, and she emailed me back the same day wanting to send me ANOTHER case. I definitely was not trying to complain to her by any means, and just wanted to give her a heads up. Seriously, they are too kind over there and all companies should take a tip or two from them!

  • The other day I posted about not being able to sleep, and my aunt sent me an email with a house call from Dr. Oz. I have only seen a few minutes here and there of his show, but this "house call" idea is great! I made sure to check out the website, and the only thing that dissipointed me was that there aren't videos for any and everything you want to search. There are just a few pre-selected topics that he covers. I understand it would take many moons to cover every health topic and issue someone might have, but c'mon, more than 15 choices would be nice. PS- There is a hangover one!

  • Normally I will workout my arms, legs, and back (choosing one of the three areas to target each day) mixed with cardio, and then stick to strictly cardio the other 2 days. Wednesday, I worked out my back for the first time since I have been back to the gym. My back is probably the area I dislike most about my body, so I worked it extra hard. Probably Definitely not the best idea for the first time in a while. This morning I woke up and could hardly move! I've been sore before, but never in my life have I felt my back this tight. Of course, it's that "good" kind of pain (oxymoron?) because I know my body is going to benefit from it, but holy cow. I made sure to take a scorching hot shower and stretch, but the tightness just wont seem to dissipate. I'm continuing to stretch throughout the day and am just crossing my fingers that it loosens up a bit by tomorrow afternoon when we've got a softball scrimmage.

  • For about a month I had been on a hunt for GirlScout cookies. I haven't had the little crack babies since highschool and knew that this year I needed to make a change! There is nothing better than a Caramel Delight or a Thin Mint straight from the freezer. I saw a mini van next to me at a stop light that said "Pull Me Over For GirlScout Cookies!" Yeah, I almost did, and then realized I don't want to be that girl, so I drove on. Little did I know that a few days later we would get our hands on a few boxes! One box of Thin Mints and of of Caramel Delights, please! So delish, and I'm pretty sure that they won't last through the rest of this weekend.

When did you get your ears peirced? Do you still wear earings often?
Which are your favorite GirlScout cookies?


20 Going on 80 said...

Oh my word. I NEED those cupcake liners. Seriously, I'm in love. We are destined to be blog friends. I love floral patterns, caramel delights, and thin mints. That is enough for me to decide we must be friends. Haha. Did you know that Keebler now sells girl scout cookie 'fakes' that taste JUST like the real ones. And they are cheaper. And they are available all year round. I would always cherish my box of cookies when I was younger because I knew I would have to wait a WHOLE year to get another box. Wait...maybe this is a bad thing. Now that I have access to these little crack babies all year round things could get dangerous. Haha.
PS. Now I want to go find these cookies and devour them. Nom nom nom.

Samantha said...

Aren't those liners amazing?! I am determined to find where I can order them, and I will definitely let you know when I do! As for the cookies... I haven't seen them in the store ever but now I will be on the hunt! :D Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Holly said...

Wow, those piercings are beautiful! I don't think I'd get them though, I'd be worried they'd catch on my hair..or go in to far and lodge themselves somewhere in my brain!!

Would you believe I didn't get my ears pierced until I was 15! My parents did make me wait initially, but by the time I was 12 or 13 I think they were ok with it, but *I* was still a bit squeemish so I waited longer on my own. I made up for it when I as 16 by getting a second set of holes though. :P

Also, LOL at the "Unless you sell Thin Mints" sign! How funny! :)

Just dropping by from Hollie's #FF.