Monday, February 6, 2012

I Should Be a Photographer

Hello, and happy Monday!

This weekend was pretty good! Friday night ended up being pretty tame. I headed over to my parents house for a few hours of visiting. It's always good to curl up on their couch and just hang out. Something about Mom and Dad's house makes me happy and gives me a sense of comfort. After, I headed home to an empty house. Raymond was having a guys night out so I just picked up around the house and planted my butt on the couch for a while before hitting the hay. It was actually pretty nice to spread out in our huge bed, usually I'm crammed onto one side and my giant of a boyfriend takes up the other 3/4. Not cool, but cozy!

Saturday we headed out to the softball fields with some of the team to get some practice in. I'm still a little unsure how often I will be playing in the games, being that I have never played before... but I was definitely down to get some swings and catches in. Can't get better if ya don't practice, right? I believe that's true and I definitely played a lot better than I have before. Just need a little work on some batting. But I had fun, and in the end that's all that really matters.

After playing for about 3 hours we were super hungry. Being that it was Raymond's birthday we made a special pit stop at our favorite hole in the wall restaurant The Crawfish Shack, and loaded up on some delicious seafood. If you have never had the stuff, or think you won't like it, please please let me know so I can take you and turn you into a believer. I beg you!

A couple naps later, we headed out to meet up with some friends for UFC fights and birthday drinks. I promised Raymond that I wouldn't do anything crazy for his big day, so everything we did this weekend was super mellow. We spent the night boogieing and singing (me) as loud as I possibly could along with the cover band that was playing. I'm going to go ahead and say we were probably a few of the youngest people in the bar, but we totally ended up having a great time, anyway! I remembered around 1:30 AM that I hadn't taken a single picture so I whipped out my phone and made it happen. I'm thinking about becoming a photographer, what do ya say?!

That's what you get for having a big head.

Take 2.

Photo Bombed.

Yeah, I'd say 1:30 AM a few drinks in was not the greatest time for pictures. Oh well, better luck next time!

Sunday was nice and lazy! A small get Superbowl/house warming get together at our friend's house made for a great night. Since the Cowboys clearly didn't have the best season this year, I wasn't that excited for the big game, but I definitely am thrilled that the Patriots lots. Thrilled. After 17 plates of food and 3 quarters into the game, we couldn't hack it anymore and headed home. I say it was a mellow weekend, but we seriously were exhausted!

The weekend ended up being great, and I hope that my Raymond had a fantastic birthday!

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Funny cake!!! Love it!!!