Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Internet Sensations

Alright, we're all familiar with what an Internet sensation is, right? I would have to say the biggest would probably be the ol' Beibs himself. There are so many people on YouTube these days, that there is bound to be a million and one hilarious videos out there, I'm sure.

Raymond plays guitar and has asked me on numerous occasions to sing with him, and every time I have said no. I just cannot muster up the courage, I'm a bit shy! I will be totally honest though, I have the voice of a male angel... going through puberty. Ok, so maybe it's not that bad but I'm not a fan of myself. Raymond begs me and says that we can start a YouTube Channel and be Internet sensations. Eh.. I think I will leave it to these guys:

I'm always looking for a good laugh and have found some of my best belly laughs come from these videos. If you haven't seen these, then you're welcome! And if you have... then you're welcome for showing them to you again!

Note: If you're offended by bad words, please don't watch videos 1 and 5!

  • Jenna Marbles

  • Single Ladies

  • Ultimate Dog Tease

  • Talking Twins

  • My Drunk Kitchen

  • Belly Laughs

Obviously I have a slight obsession with babies and raunchy speaking women... but really, can you blame me? This stuff is hysterical!

  1. So tell me, what am I missing out on? Any videos/sites that are just the greatest thing you've come across lately? Please share with me!
  2. Do you have a YouTube channel?

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20 Going on 80 said...

Watch this:

Soooo cute and hilarious!