Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random Wednesday

There is something about Wednesday that gives me an extra oomph to get through the week. Yesterday I was feeling like this:

But now that I know I've only got 2 more days until the weekend, I feel like I will pull through and make it to Friday.

- I am pretty sure that I am accident-prone. Lately, everywhere I turn, I run into something, scratch or cut myself on something. Last week I was reaching into my gym bag to retrieve my shampoo and gashed my finger open on a razor. It definitely looked like I ran my finger over a cheese grater, but luckily it didn't hurt as bad as I had anticipated.

That picture above is actually from about a year ago when I stabbed myself trying to get the seed out of an avocado. The knife definitely hit bone and I just about passed out when it happened. Tip of the day: always use a spoon to remove seeds!

- A few weeks ago Raymond and I were heading into the store and as we looked up, the sky above us was completely filled with birds. Not pretty birds, but those nasty jet black parking lot birds with the pointy beaks and bulging eyes. Something about them just gives me the creeps! I felt like we were in the movie "The Birds". Anyone ever seen that movie? Acting at it's finest, for sure!

- I picked this baby up at the grocery store the other night. They were on sale for $1 from Valentines day. That's much better than the almost $6 there were priced at before! I got through about 3 slices of it before I called it quits... it was just so messy and hard to eat. The rest is camping out in the fridge until I get my paws on it!

- I am in desperate need of buying new tires. I have been putting it off for months now... real safe, I know. But they are SO freaking expensive -- as in almost $200/tire expensive. Ugh. Anyone know of any good deals out there?

- The sunsets here have been so amazing lately. Maybe I am only noticing them more because it has started to get dark earlier so I see them on my drive home, but either way, they have been beautiful!

Happy Hump Day!

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Katie said...

is that a caramel apple? i would like to eat it right now! and $1? that's sweet!