Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chivalry Aint Dead

Tuesday night (Valentine's Day), Raymond and I continued our V-Day tradition, and headed out to a sushi dinner. It was delish, as usual. As we were waiting for our table, I was hoping that we got a table big enough where we could sit next to one another. Unfortunately it was slim pickings that evening because everyone and their lover are out for dinner also. We got stuck a tall cocktail table made for two, but luckily we were hungry enough to take what we got and get the heck out of there.

Anyway, this got me thinking about the way other couples do things in their relationship.

  • Sitting next to each other - Raymond and I (if possible), always, sit next to one another when we eat. Whether it be at home or dining out, I would say 99 percent of the time we are sitting right by each other. I've heard that some people like to sit across from one another so they can see each other, but to us, sitting side by side is a sign of affection and I find myself a bit upset if I can't sit next to my honey at meal time.
  • Opening the door - Since our very first day over 4 years ago, Raymond has opened doors for me. I remember him pulling into my driveway and as I was walking to open the car door, he put his index finger up, telling me to hold on. My first thought was. 'awe, he is going to give me a hello hug', which he did, but that wasn't why he made me wait. It was so that he could open the car door for me. Since that evening, he has opened my doors for me. Obviously not every single time, but 95 percent of the time, if he is there, he's got it. When we go out to eat, we watch other people around us and it really rubs us (especially Raymond) the wrong way when a guy is walking into a building and just let's the door slam in someone's face, whether it be male or female. It's just rude.
  • Pulling out the chair - You got it right, yep he does that for me too. He's a sweet one, I tell ya!
  • Making a plate - I will be honest, I never even thought about this one until Ray said something to me about it. We were just about to hit our one-year anniversary and we were headed to Brownwood. Time to meet his parents. I was so so so nervous. This was the first big-girl relationship that I was in and was going to meet the parents of the man I was in love with. One night we were lying in bed and Raymond was listing off things that I should take into consideration when we were there. He said that when it's time to make our plates for meals, that I should make his. Of course, he wasn't being serious, but me being so nervous and just wanting to make a good impression, I didn't pick up on the joke and thought that was true. Ever since then, I have always and always will make his plate for him. Even though I know now that he wasn't being serious, I still do it. In a sense, it makes me feel like I am taking care of my man, and that's a good feeling knowing all he does for me.
  • Cuddling - I mean this while sleeping. I will be the absolute first to say that I do not want to snuggle while I'm sleeping, or even falling asleep. Before it's nighty night time let's snuggle up. But once my eyes start getting heavy and my mind drifts off... don't freaking touch me. Haha! We keep the air conditioner on all night long (big money drainer, but so worth it), a ceiling fan, and a standing fan because we like it that cold. So even just the slightest limb up against me drives me nuts.

As I was typing this all out, I started wondering if people think we're nuts. Are we insanely old fashion or is this normal? Either way, I like the way we are and where we may lack affection in some places we make up for it in others, in our own way. Each way we do things has a special meaning behind it and we do it for a reason, because it makes us happy.

Chivalry. Love it? Hate it? Could care less? Share!

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