Thursday, September 13, 2012

Irrational Fears

For the past few months, I have been having dreams [err... nightmares?] about the world ending. These dreams are so ridiculously real and then I wake up freaked out of my mind. About a month ago I woke up from one of these dreams, assured myself that all the sun in fact did not implode right in front of my eyes, and went back to sleep. Unfortunately, I fell back into another dream where I had to take shelter on the side of the road with random strangers because there were oh I don't know, 8234485 tornadoes in sight, a gas station blowing up, and aliens dropping from the sky. Random and ridiculous? Maybe. Scary as heck? Absolutely.

While right now I can look back and giggle at myself for getting worried over a few silly nightmares, I really have started to think about all the irrational fears that I actually do have.

Besides the world blowing up in my face, I fear that--

-  One day, I'll be driving down the highway and someone will fire a gun somewhere and it will accidentally pierce through my window and into my head. One minute I will be driving down the road, belting out some Taylor Swift song at the top of my lungs, and the next, there I will be, splat dead in the fast lane of Interstate 35 with no suspect in sight. My murder will forever remain a mystery.

- Keeping with the whole gun/driving theme, my parents once had a guy on the road flash a gun at them through his window. That right there would probably make me faint and/or need a change of shorts. I forever wish I never knew this story, because it absolutely must be the route of my murdered while innocently driving home fear.

- My whole life, I have always known that at some point, I will lose a limb or become paralyzed. Don't ask me why [remember, these are irrational fears we're talking about] but I have a sixth sense about it happening.

Ok, so I know I'm insane and none of this stuff will ever happen, but IF I am ever found keeled over in the middle of the road with a Brittney CD in, just know that CD wasn't really mine.

What are some of your redonkulous fears??

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Brooke Houston said...

I have so many of these, I could dedicate a whole post to them!

-I'm most definitely afraid of the dark. Mostly because I think someone is hiding in it and their going to kidnap me. So I guess I'm really just afraid of getting kidnapped. I run from my car to the house every time, and Scott usually walks me out in the mornings when it's still dark.
-Getting a flat tire when I'm by myself driving
-I'm also scared of someone shooting me in my car! Scary stuff man!
-my laptop dying and loosing everything.
-paranoid about someone breaking in the house
I could keep going haha