Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Randoms

Howdy y'all, happy Monday! Are we ready for this week ahead? I'm feeling good and ready to get it started!

+ I started my new old job on Friday and was just so busy that I didn't have a moment to fit a single tweet, let along a blog post in. I missed this little world I have here on the internet, but sometimes it has to take a back seat. I'm pretty sure I wont be able to keep up with 5 posts a week now, but am going to do my best.

+ Speaking of that ol' job, I "trained" all day Friday [9am-2am], and let's just say I felt like I got hit by a bus. My body is used to constant moving from taking care of the boys, but my feet are not used to non-stop walking for 17 hours straight. I came home, went straight to bed, and moaned myself to sleep-- I don't think my feet have ever hurt so bad! I know it's like riding a bicycle, my body will just have to get used to it again!

+ This is NOT how you put on deodorant. Ouch! And yes, I wear men's deodorant-- it works and smells much better than women's! Don't judge.

+ I think it's time for a hair cut [and time to clean my mirror]... I look like Cousin It [Adam's Family anyone?] PS- please excuse the trash hole that is the background of this picture, someone thought it'd be great to tinkle on our comforter so I was in the process of changing the bedding.

+ I am going through a candy phase. I picked up these babies as an impulse buy the other day and then somehow a few days later I ended up with a box of Turtles, Sour Patch Kids, and candy corn. Thankfully I think I got my fix because my waist does not appreciate all that sugar.

+ I got bit by something [pretty sure it was a chigger] last week at my aunt's house and woke up the next morning to this beautiful sight. WHAT THE HECK! It is the weirdest bite I have ever seen in my life!

+ Something else I can't get enough of? These bad boys... fantastic childhood memories for me right here in a little donut! [Can you spot a little beggar in the background?]

+ Two words: Sock obsession. I have always had a deep love of all things fun and/or fuzzy socks. Christmas  and holiday themed are my favorite hands down, but anything other than a plain color can make me dance out a happy jig! I always get socks for Christmas and am NEVER disappointed to find them in my stocking. Right here is 48 pairs of fun socks, and is only about 3/4 of my stash. I might have a problem...

+ I can't get over how big Guero is getting. He weighed in at 50 pounds 2 weeks ago and at the rate he is growing, he is probably 55 by now. Insane! I'm not sure what I'm going to do when he is full grown- I can hardly handle him now! Isn't he handsome?!

Have a beautiful Monday, friends!


Grace martin said...

I was blog surfing and came across yours, and I'm following now and wanted to say hi!

elise said...

new[est] follower. can't wait to keep following along.

stop by sometime!

Ryanne Jolly said...

I too have a sock obsession! Glad to know I'm not alone :)

Ryanne Jolly said...

I too have a sock obsession! Glad to know I'm not alone :)