Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I'm going to be completely honest here, y'all. Today, I was totally planning to write a post about all of the things I'm unhappy with in my life [there aren't many].

What I was going to tell you:

+ I'm tired of living in a third story apartment with a dog and that I cannot wait to finally find a house with a yard where Guero can run wild.
+ I wish I had the time and extra money to decorate a new home.
+ My blog needs a make over badly.
+ I wish I could buy a DSLR camera to be able to take better quality photos.
+ My social life is lacking lately due to my work schedule.
+ I'm still not healed from my surgery and I'm dreading what the outcome may be.

What I am actually going to tell you:

+ I am blessed to have not just a place to live, but a nice place to call home.
+ I am starting a new [old] job and will earn the money to go to school, where I will then earn more money to buy and decorate the home we want.
+ I can still write out my feelings without a perfectly designed blog.
+ I have a digital camera that takes decent enough pictures for now.
+ I can make more time for friends, family, and fun.
+ I can and will heal and everything will be fine.

Clearly, I was going to give myself a pity party today.. and I kind of still did. That being said, I saw a wonderful quote on twitter and it put me in check, real quick.

"God is not likely to reveal more to you until you've responded to what He has already revealed."

I keep asking God for this and for that, but I forget to thank Him for what I already have-- I beautiful family, boyfriend, friends, home, vehicle, job, the opportunity to go to school to get what I truly want in life, and much much more.

Yesterday on my way home from work, I saw a homeless man standing on the corner of the road, wearing hospital clothes, covered in bandages with a smashed in face layered with scrapes, cuts and bruises. He looked sad and he looked alone. My heart ached. I tried my best to not look at him, and it was one of the times that I scrounged my entire car for any change I had, but found none. So instead I prayed for him. Maybe he is a bad man, maybe he asked someone to rough him up for sympathy. Who knows, but either way I asked God to heal him and help lead him down the right path. A good path.

In that moment I remembered that quote, and thanked God that that wasn't me. Not only did I just thank Him, but I was truly happy with what I have.

Have you counted your blessings lately??


Ruthie Hart said...

this is such a great outlook on things! I try to tell myself that it is good to be busy...it means I have a job, friends, a church with activities, money to travel, a blog that encourages me. Keep your head up!

ejayonlife said...

You are truly Blessed.

Katie said...

I totally identify with living in a third story apartment, with a dog (two, in fact) -- It was awful. Especially in the winter ... in Colorado. No fun! But it is good exercise! :)

I heard a short devotional on the radio the other day that I'm going to paraphrase ... Something like, we often see God as a genie of sorts, there to grant our every wish. It's so easy to go to Him and ask, ask, ask, ask, ask. I think you've taken a hugely mature step by deciding to count your blessings instead!

Brooke Houston said...

Way to think positive. It's hard to always see the bright side of things, but when you do, you'll see a snowball effect of great things happening around you.

Jess @ Blonde Meets World said...

I love this post :) and love the way you turned your negative thoughts around!!!